Our 2021-2022 Academic Year is approaching soon. As always, we are ensuring that our Clubs members will have a fun, enriching, and safe experience. Safety is our number one priority, and we are continuing to follow protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State of Texas.

NOTE: Please check this page often, as this information is subject to change. 

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Traditional Sites

ClubAddressPhone NumberFall 2021 Start Date
Cedar Springs Boys & Girls Club4440 Brown St. Dallas, TX 75219(972) 982-2260August 16, 2021
East Dallas Boys & Girls Club4804 Worth St. Dallas, TX 75246(214) 828-2200August 16, 2021
Grand Prairie Boys & Girls Club1000 Enterprise Dr. Grand Prairie, TX 75051(972) 623-1698August 11, 2021
Mesquite Boys & Girls Club4869 Gus Thomasson Rd. Mesquite, TX 75150(972) 270-7645August 11, 2021
Navarro County Boys & Girls Club1000 G W Jackson Avenue. Corsicana, TX 75110(903) 872-9231August 12, 2021
Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club2907 Linfield Rd. Dallas, TX 75216(214) 372-4661August 16, 2021
Richardson Boys & Girls Club1220 W. Belt Line Rd. Richardson, TX 75080(972) 699-0514August 17, 2021
Roseland Boys & Girls Club2101 N. Washington Ave. Dallas, TX 75204(214) 515-9219August 16, 2021
West Dallas Boys & Girls Club2060 Singleton Blvd., Suite 104
Dallas, Texas, 75212
(214) 744-6774August 9, 2021

School Sites

*Club members of the school sites must be students of the location.
ClubAddressPhone NumberStart Date
Annie Webb Blanton Elementary School8915 Greenmound Ave, Dallas, TX 75227(214) 606-4328TBA
Billy Earl Dade Middle School2727 Al Lipscomb Way, Dallas, TX 75215(469) 996-2145TBA
C. F. Carr Elementary School1952 Bayside St., Dallas, TX 75212(214) 680-0495TBA
Cedar Crest Elementary School2020 Mouser Ln., Dallas, TX 75203(469) 996-2134TBA
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Arts Academy1817 Warren Ave., Dallas, TX 75215(469) 996-2114TBA
Eddie Bernice Johnson Elementary201 S. Goode Rd. Wilmer, TX 75172(469) 996-2110TBA
Edward Titche Elementary School9560 Highfield Dr., Dallas, TX 75227(214) 606-1373TBA
Elisha M. Pease Elementary School2914 Cummings St., Dallas, TX 75216(469) 996-2117TBA
Frederick Douglass Elementary School226 N Jim Miller Rd., Dallas, TX 75217(469) 996-2127TBA
George W. Truett Elementary School1811 Gross Rd., Dallas, TX 75228(469) 996-2137TBA
Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy4800 Ross Ave. Dallas, TX 75204(214) 270-5564TBA
J.N. Ervin Elementary3722 Black Oak Dr., Dallas, TX 75241(214) 606-3277TBA
KIPP Destiny3663 W Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas, TX 75237(214) 779-3941TBA
KIPP Pleasant Grove2200 N St Augustine Dr., Dallas, TX 75227(214) 779-5371TBA
Lincoln High School2826 Elsie Faye Heggins St., Dallas TX 75215(469) 996-2148September 13, 2021
Madison High School3000 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Dallas, TX 75215(469) 996-2147August 16, 2021
Maple Lawn Elementary School3210 Inwood Rd., Dallas, TX 75235(214) 815-0712TBA
Paul L. Dunbar Learning Center4200 Metropolitan Ave., Dallas, TX 75210(469) 996-2116TBA
Rufus C. Burleson Elementary School6300 Elam Rd., Dallas, TX 75217(469) 996-2122TBA
Rusk Middle School2929 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75235(469) 996-4216TBA
Sarah Zumwalt Middle School2445 E Ledbetter Dr., Dallas, TX 75216(469) 996-2143TBA
T.G. Terry Elementary School6661 Greenspan Ave, Dallas, TX 75232(972) 749-3200October 4, 2021
Umphrey Lee Elementary School7808 Racine Dr., Dallas, TX 75232(214) 606-6107TBA
Uplift Wisdom Boys & Girls Club301 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas, TX 75232(214) 779-7078August 16, 2021
William Lipscomb Elementary5801 Worth St., Dallas, TX 75214(214) 791-0709August 16, 2021
Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School7475 J J Lemmon Rd., Dallas, TX 75241(469) 996-2136TBA