Black Out Tuesday

“We believe that every kid has what it takes.” But our children cannot reach their full potential in the face of systemic racism. As such, we lend our voices to, and join our actions with, the countless others who stand in opposition to racism, discrimination, and abuses of power and authority. And we stand with our community—the Greater Dallas community—and especially with the minority youth that we serve, whose voices often go unheard.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas will be:

  • Providing a platform for youth to openly discuss their challenges with racism and discrimination and giving them the resources that they need to heal.
  • Educating our stakeholders and community and calling them to join us in addressing these issues.
  • Using our partnerships with law enforcement and city government to achieve needed change.

The future of North Texas lies in the hands of our youth. It is up to us to empower them to speak up and to lead in their own time. But it also is up to us to speak up and to lead on their behalf, if and when they cannot.

Together, let’s fight to allow our kids to dream, to grow, to learn, and, ultimately, to change the world.