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Now in its second year, the SMART Girls Branding Program was created to provide female high school seniors or college freshman with crucial skills needed to thrive in today’s society.

“Many young women aren’t really sure about what they want to do when they go to college,” said Wilemia Shaw, SMART Girls Branding Volunteer and BGCD supporter. “By sitting in the C-Suite for so long and interviewing young candidates, I saw that most kids weren’t well prepared. They didn’t understand who they were or what they wanted to do.”

Through BGCD, Shaw set out to better prepare young women and help them develop their personal brand. Successful women from various industries provide personal brand coaching to these young women, giving them tools related to self-image, professional etiquette, money management, interview skills, and more.

Program participants like Tress, Lincoln Boys & Girls Club member, have truly benefited from the program.

“Ms. Shaw has been a wonderful role model to me. She has assisted me to be aware of where I want to go and what I want to do to ensure that I am going to succeed,” said Tress.