Summer is off to a fun start at the Clubs, and the summer coding camps have emerged as our most popular program! The camps are available to any BGCD member ages 9 – 13 at one of the following locations: Richardson, Oak Cliff, East Dallas, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Maple Lawn and Roseland branches that began June 22, 2015. The coding camps continue through August 7, 2015. The Center for Computer Science Education & Outreach at The University of Texas at Dallas leads the camps designed for elementary and middle school students with little to no experience in coding. 3D animations and games using Alice is the curriculum focus. Alice is an educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D environment.

Using technology that incorporates participants interests, like gaming and 3D animation, makes the subject matter more relatable and engaging to youth. Sessions include “Incorporate sounds, even your own sound files”, “Scene Setup – get ready for the show!” and class favorite “Connect4” that is used to demonstrate logic in gaming.
“Providing our members with a strong foundation in STEM subjects, such as coding, is at the forefront of our educational efforts at the Club. Integrating technology into our programs gives youth early access to the tools they will continue to use as they set their career goals,” says Charles English, BGCD President & CEO.

Funding for the summer coding camps was generously provided by Texas Instruments, Time Warner Cable, Microsoft and State Farm. Regina Fonts Morris, BGCD Vice President of Resource Development & Marketing, shares, “Strong partnerships are the key to providing successful, sustainable STEM programming at BGCD. Their investment in the future of our members benefits not only the individual youth but the entire community. They realize that establishing an early foundation in STEM leads to a more successful academic career.”