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BGCD continues to closely monitor the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will give an update if our Clubs will remain closed past Friday, March 27. According to the CDC, if you are not sick or have not been exposed to the virus, the best way to protect yourself is by social distancing. What is social distancing? It means avoiding crowds, not shaking hands, standing several feet from other people, and most importantly, staying home if you feel sick.

While practicing social distancing and remaining indoors, here are a couple of fun activities(academic, physical and entertaining) your kids can do at home to help stay busy.

  1. Scholastic is offering free online classes for kids (Pre-K – 6th grade+) Click the link to learn something new.
  2. Planet Fitness is offering free at-home “work-ins”, perfect to do together with the kids!
  3. After all, it is Spring! It’s a great time to do a deep clean of the house.
  4. Running low on hand sanitizer? Here are a couple of ideas on how to make your own disinfectants at home.
  5. Make a fun lunch in which they can help you in, here are some kid-friendly ideas.
  6. Put a puzzle together for game night.
  7. Create an indoor scavenger hunt.
  8. Create a vision board using old newspapers/magazine cut-outs.
  9. Write a poem for World Poetry Day today (3/21)!
  10. Learn a new language with Duolingo’s free app.
  11. Stocked up on toilet paper? Click here for a list of many STEM-related activities your kids can do with the rolls.
  12. Learn all about another country’s culture by cooking their recipes, listening to their music, or recreating their art.
  13. Have teens at home? This is a great time to practice and learn a new dance from TikTok!
  14. Your kids may have questions about COVID-19, here are some tips on how to talk to them about it. 

We hope this list gives you a couple of ideas on how to keep your kiddos busy while social distancing. As always, our focus is to ensure the safety of all Club members and employees. We will continue to follow the guidance and advice given by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local Health Service Departments, and local city officials. Stay up to date by visiting our blog and following our socials for any upcoming announcements.