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Trevar is a BGCD Alumni and previous Club employee who recently started studying at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University (LSU). Originally from Dallas, Trevar says the guidance from his family, church, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas (BGCD) helped him to make the most out of his childhood. He also describes BGCD as his second family. Learn more about Trevar’s experience as a Club kid and his decision to pursue animal sciences. 


Congratulations! How does it feel to get accepted into the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine?
I honestly did not believe I had been accepted when I received the message. Everyone else around me was extremely excited as soon as they found out. My excitement grew gradually over months as the beginning of the semester approached. It sounds cliché, but it felt like a dream and once I realized it was real, I felt joy all the time.

Why do did choose to attend this college?
LSU is the alma mater of two of my mentors, Dr. Raines at the Dallas Zoo and Dr. Ellsworth at East Dallas Veterinary Clinic. I also had the chance to visit the school during their open house event in January of 2020. I decided not to tell anyone I met that I had been accepted into the veterinary program. I wanted to experience an organic interaction with the staff and students, and they were very welcoming. I loved seeing the diverse community and all the kids who were so excited to learn about a field I am pursuing.

What motivated you to pursue higher education in animal sciences?
Animals and nature were my first major interest when I was very young. Having worked, volunteered, and interned around animals, I have seen this inquisitive nature in many kids and adults alike. If you think about medicine, that field alone is very broad and captivating. When animals are added to the mix the intrigue skyrockets, in my opinion. There are so many things that link humans and animals—whether it is through companionship, food, or medicine—and so much to learn. That is extremely motivating for me.

What BGCD programs/extracurricular activities do you feel helped you the most when you were a member?
I just want to say I can’t think of one program in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas that isn’t great! But the ones that stood out to me most were Keystone and Collegiate STEPS. The experiences I had and all the mentors I met really helped me grow. The exposure that these programs provide is something that I want all Club members to experience.

Who do you consider a role model in your personal life?
That’s a tough question to answer because I see many people as role models in different ways. There is almost always some aspect of a person’s character I really like, and I often find myself mirroring that. So, if I were to list all who I see as a role model it would be a very long response!

What words of advice would you give you younger self?
Stay true to yourself! Pursue your own interests and not the interests of others. Always persevere toward your long-term goals.


Congratulations and good luck, Trevor!