Center for a New Generation

A Collaborative Program with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas

Program features the following major components:

  • Fun, hands-on, project-based activities in the areas of STEM and applied arts
  • Collaboration with schools, teachers and administrators within the DISD Feeder Program
  • Innovative academic and enrichment afterschool and summer program
  • Targets the “striver”
  • Continues throughout elementary, junior high and high school


CNG is a school-based program, founded by Dr. Condoleezza Rice, that allows Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas to integrate the schools represented in the DISD Feeder Pattern in a very unique way. By offering this new program on-site at the school, we eliminate the challenges of getting a child to our Clubs by essentially bringing the Club to them. Through the engagement of elementary-aged youth in programs such as Robotics, Modern Dance and Debate, we can positively impact the development of key cognitive, social and personal competencies using a fun and hands-on approach.

With programs being led by certified teachers and a targeted selection process, students are expected to remain in the CNG program throughout their elementary and junior high years and transition into BGCD’s Collegiate STEPs program for the duration of their high school experience. Not only does this program prepare students for an employment market where STEM occupations are growing 1.7% faster than non-STEM occupations but it also fuels their creative and innovative engines to ensure that the right side of their brain is getting just as much exercise as the left.


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Established Curriculum
Appropriate content standards should be set for each grade level to provide a uniform set of learning standards for every child.
Sustainable Partnerships
Mutually beneficial, long term interactions in which constituents (internal and external) share knowledge, resources and expertise.
Measurable Outcomes
Performance measurement improves project management and effectiveness. By focusing on project outcomes, it can define success early, execute projects more likely to generate a significant impact to the specialty crop industry and more easily measure and demonstrate results.