During the March 2016 Spring Break, Club members at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas were able to participate in Science Camps across our multiple locations which encourages our youth to engage in STEAMED programs.  Students were taken on fields trips to Texas Discovery Gardens, the Perot Museum, and the Children’s Aquarium. The youth also attended a Youth Summit hosted by the National Council of Negro Women at the Oak Cliff Club on the 15th.

In the classroom, members participated in a few experiments including Color Changing Milk which helped them to understand the chemistry behind the combination of soap molecules and the fat in milk, the Pool Noodle Roller Coaster project, in which they would learn and understand kinetic and potential energy, and the Fluor Challenge, where they had the opportunity to build a gravity-powered sorting machine that can separate small and large plastic spheres using limited resources.  The Science Camp challenged them to use their critical thinking skills and creativity to construct these projects.