Whether it’s on the court or on the field, we’ve been keeping our Club members moving with our summer sports camps!

In June, BGCD hosted volleyball and basketball camps for our Club members ages6-12 and teens 13 and older.

The Allstar’s volleyball camp was led by Cameron University’s head volleyball coach Tatiana Booth. Kids of all ages learned the rules of the sport, practiced their skills, and participated in games.

In the same manner, our All-Stars Basketball Camp provided drills, scrimmages, and some healthy competition!

Next on the schedule is the All Stars Football Camp at the Mesquite Boys & Girls Club.

On July 16, members who are 6-8 years old will hit the field, with 9-12 years old following on July 17, and teens 13 and older on July 18.

Following will be the MLB Play Ball camp at the Grand Prairie Boys & Girls Club. The camp is sponsored by the MLB Play Ball Grant awarded to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

T-Ball for 6-8 years old will be on July 30. Coach Pitch for 9-12 years old is on July 31, and Kid Pitch for teens 13 and older will be on August 1.

As a bonus, a Skills & Drill Clinic hosted by the Young3 initiative, a youth outreach program created by the Big3 professional basketball league, will take place on Friday, August 16 at the Cedar Springs Boys & Girls Club.

The Big3 is a professional 3-on-3 league founded by hip hop artist and actor, Ice Cube. Club members who participated last year reported having a great time on the court!

Last year, participants also had the opportunity of meeting Ice Cube himself, who may be in attendance this year!

Registration for the clinic is due by end of business day, Friday, July 19.