CISCO Cert Summer 2015As part of our continuing efforts to provide members with a technological competitive advantage for their future careers, BGCD partnered with AT&T to provide CISCO A+ certifications for teens over the summer. The program was held at James Madison High School from June 15 – June 26, 2015, and was offered to BGCD members in high school that have a passion for technology.

According to a July 22, 2015 Department of Labor (DOL) report, effective employment and training-related programs for disadvantaged youth are limited. Yet, the DOL’s findings show that “[o]ccupation- and industry-based training programs, including Career Academies, show some promising employment outcomes for youth.” The report further states that providing high school students accelerated strategies to “transition to college or start preparing for a career early can also improve youth outcomes.”

BGCD strives to be at the forefront of youth career readiness by providing innovative programs such as the CISCO A+ certification program. AT&T recognizes the need for youth technology programs and has allowed us to introduce a promising career path to members that may not have otherwise had an opportunity.

The program included topics in microprocessors, RAM, motherboards, input\output hardware, BIOS and RAM. Charles English, BGCD President & CEO, says, “This program was intended to act as a springboard for our members. Providing youth with an entry point into technical training programs today will help them refine and cultivate their skills preparing them for a successful career in the future.”