TOPPS 2014Event Chair
Veronica Roper
2014 TOPPs Celebration Committee
Beth Adkins | Beth Allen | Kristina Burkley | Sara Cockburn | Brooke Feachen
Katie Guerrero | Amy Henderson | Sandra Henoch | Sandra Li | Cindy Lodewick
Suzann McLemore | Jay Nwamadi | Nic Pena | Anna Prude | Kathryn Reddell
Kristen Sherwin | Lakisha Thomas | Michelle Wheeler | Jessi Watkins
Wendy Wilkerson | Rachel Williams
The Annual TOPPs Celebration is a celebration of BGCD members’ 
successes throughout the year.  It is an evening to honor our most outstanding members with the presentation of the 2014 graduating class and the 
Youth of the Year and to award Collegiate STEPS members
with merit scholarships to continue their education.  
2014 Scholarships
David Blackwell Scholarship $15,000
TYSO Elevation Scholarship $5,750
BGCD Beacon Scholarship $5,000
David Watkins, MD Health Sciences Scholarship $4,000
YPF Advancement Scholarship $4,000
Education Opens Doors Scholarship $3,500
It Takes a Village Scholarship $2,500
Fogelson Scholarship for a male $2,500
Fogelson Scholarship for a female $2,500
Bill and Sonya Macatee Scholarship $2,085
CST Scholarship (3 Scholarships) Each at $2,000
YPF Perseverance Scholarship $2,000
YPF Resilience Scholarship $2,000
Arthur J Gallagher & Co. Scholarship $2,000
BAS Merit Scholarship $1,500
JAS Merit Scholarship $1,500
Uptown Careers Scholarship $1,000
KOS Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Jennifer and James Massey Scholarship $1,000
FOF Inspiration Scholarship (4 Scholarships) Each at $500
Youth of Year Scholarship $4,000
Falk Scholarship (10 Scholarships) Each at $500
East Dallas Advisory Council Scholarship (5 Scholarships) Each at $1,000
Oak Cliff Advisory Council Scholarship (3 Scholarships) Each at $500
Nailah and Aren Egwuekwe Scholarship $500
Richardson Advisory Council Scholarship (3 Scholarships) Each at $500
Grand Prairie Advisory Council Scholarship (5 Scholarships) Each at $300

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