Volunteering for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas can leave a positive impact on the volunteers as well as the Club members they’re working with. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BGCD is currently not allowing onsite volunteers at any of our Clubs to ensure the safety of all involved. However, we believe volunteers can still build meaningful relationships while providing guidance virtually!

Below you’ll find a list of opportunities that are open to anyone who wishes to motivate and mentor the youths in our communities. 


  1. Virtual Culinary Class: record yourself cooking a healthy snack that kids can follow at home and make. Talk about the importance of healthy habits. 
  2. Virtual Mentoring: mentor a college-bound senior by checking in with them weekly to make sure they are on the right track to graduation. Help them create and accomplish their academic goals to finish the year strong as a senior.
  3. Fitness Challenge: create a video challenging kids to participate in fitness. You can include a couple of simple exercises that can be done at home.
  4. Career/ Trade Exposure: record a “day in the life” video highlighting the path you took to get to your position and detailing what you do. What do you like most about your job? Was this career your first choice?
  5. Motivational Minute: record a one-minute video motivating our Club members to stay positive & engaged throughout this pandemic.


  1. Job shadowing: what’s it like a day in your life? Offer a day of shadowing for a Club teen who’s interested in your job/ career. 
  2. Create care packages: organize a campaign to help donate and create care packages for our Club members and communities.

Your help during these uncertain times is greatly appreciated! If you’d like to learn more about these volunteer opportunities and how to sign up, please contact Carolyn by email at cjordan@bgcdallas.org or call (214) 821-2950 x 712.