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Although her child’s involvement at the Club is what introduced her to volunteering with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas, Ms. Perez has kept coming back because of the bonds she’s created with her Club kids.

For eight years, Ms. Perez has volunteered at the East Dallas Boys & Girls Club. After school and during the summer, hers is one of the first smiling faces that greets kids as they are being dropped off.

Ms. Perez, who is unable to work, says that she didn’t want to be stuck in her apartment everyday. So when her child began attending the Club, she saw an opportunity to volunteer.

“I like to be with everybody, I love all the kids and that they have their own personalities,” she said.

From the little ones all the way up to the teenagers, Ms. Perez has witnessed and been a part of her Club kids’ growth.

Today, her own child has graduated high school and is on the road to attending college this coming semester. However, Ms. Perez plans on continuing her volunteering with those she refers to as her “other babies”.