Wilemia Shaw

Meet Wilemia Shaw, one of our rockstar volunteers!

Shaw has volunteered for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas by serving as a facilitator of our signature SMART Girls Branding program for over five years. Designed by Shaw to build confidence, empower, and help high school and college-age girls develop their own personal brand, this program has been able to positively impact the lives of over 100 young ladies and award over $25,000 in scholarships.

From our very own South Dallas, Shaw graduated from Lincoln High School and received a Business Degree from Texas Women’s University. She grew up in a tight-knit family that held strong, defined values, with education as one of the most important.

“I’m a product of this community, and I like giving back to the community that has given me so many wonderful memories as a child.”

Shaw has spent over 30 years of experience as a C-suite executive in human resources, she noticed a lack of underrepresentation for leadership roles along with a gender pay gap in young women candidates she’d interviewed over her career.

Shaw further explained that many of the candidates were qualified and highly educated, making them fully capable of success in the roles they were interviewing for, but their lack of confidence in the interviews would exclude them from the opportunity.

By utilizing her connections with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas, her network of highly successful professionals, and following her passion to help youth, Shaw conceptualized SMART Girls Branding and was able to launch the much-needed program in 2017.

SMART Girls Branding strives to prepare young women for college and the workplace, while helping them establish their own personal brand in high school.

“College is critical…but there has to be preparation in order to have a successful college experience. This is where SMART Girls Branding comes into the picture. Young women cannot make this journey alone.”

“In the beginning, I funded the college scholarships with my own money along with other professional business women that wanted to do more. Then, with the help of Carolyn Jordan [Director of Volunteers and Community Outreach], she explained that’s what Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas is all about”

Shaw explained that BGCD began raising money for SMART Girls Branding Scholarships and providing resources to ensure the program’s success. “It’s a privilege to be a part of this organization,” said Shaw.

Once a month, Shaw invites one of many professionals in her network to lead discussions regarding various topics they specialize in, such as life coaching, mental health, social media security, and self-analysis. She explained that the discussions are intended to be life-long lessons to help navigate these young lady’s everyday life.

“I’m glad I have a group of individuals who are dedicated and willing to giving back in their own way”, says Shaw.

Shaw also explained that a profound outcome of the program is the creation of a community of young women who want to see each succeed. Many of the young ladies who have benefited from the program stay connected and still attend sessions to impart their experiences in college and what they have learned.

Another objective of the program is “once you reach college and you graduate, you reach back and help another girl. Its kind of like a sorority for women wanting to be nothing but a support for someone else’s success” says Shaw.

“Not only do they get their scholarships and go on to college, they go on to be successful and caring human beings.”

Thank you, Wilemia Shaw, for acting on a great vision, and being a dedicated mentor to Club members!